From a one-man business to a global corporation

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Bayer has been part of the VOSSCHEMIE success story for the last 50 years

Klaus-Wilhelm Voss, founder of the 50-year-old family business VOSSCHEMIE, has kepi his pioneering spirit alive right up to today. At the company’s anniversaiy celebrations in late April, the 75-year-old senior executive proudly showed guests the advantages of his latest invention: a machine that mixes polyester filler for automotive body repair without generating any air bubbles.

Klaus-Wilhelm voss spenl two years tinkering with his new mixing machine before finally applying for a patent. With his world-firs! invention. the successful entrepreneur also impressed guests from Bayer MaterialScience. who had traveled from Leverkusen to attend the celebrations. The two companies have been partners since VOSSCHEMIE’s early beginnings. Back in the early nineteen-sixties. the fledgling company was already purchasing precursors from Bayer and building a reputation as a pioneer in the production of polyester fillers for automotive body repair. Today. VOSSCH EMIE is one of BMS’s key customers for Roskydal" К grades, used to formulate automotive body fillers. The company also purchases Desmophen". polyether and Desmodur’ VL for floor coating systems. The two companies have developed a close partnership over the last five decades. According to Michael Ehlers. filler resins specialist in Business Development. BU CAS, "the partnership, like a good marriage, characterized by open communication, respect. mutual trust and loyalty." His contact at VOSSCHEMIE, Dr. Wolfgang Kollvitz. head of development and quality assurance. appreciates the "reliability, consistent product quality and technical service" provided by Bayer MaterialScience.

Quality first

As one of the world’s leading suppliers ol auto body filler. VOSSCHEMIE attaches great importance to first-class products, because the quality of the filler determines how good the paint job is. And the demands imposed on the filler are very stringent: it must adhere well to the substrate; it must not dry too quickly or too slowly, neither under tropical conditions in Africa nor in icy temperatures in Scandinavia; and finally, it must be easy to sand and paint without leaving behind any signs of repair. As VOSSCHEMIE says in its image brochure: "Quality workmanship doesn’t leave any traces." Even the precursor products must meet the same high standards. The Roskydal" grades from Bayer Material-Science - some of which were developed together with Voss - fulfill all requirements. "Bayer is the technology leader in the polyester resins market, and we benefit from its lead," confirms junior executive Dieter Voss. "With our repair filler. we can react flexibly to customer demands. For example, we can accelerate or slow the drying time, depending on prevailing climate conditions," he explains. But quality must not suffer as a result. "Quality first" is the VOSSCHEMIE philosophy, and that goes for its entire product range.

Wide-ranging product portfolio, international network

What began in 1955 as a one-man business run by auto body expert Klaus-Wilhelm Voss is today a global corporation with 180 employees, 57 partners in 49 countries and over 1.000 products. VOSSCHEMIE began building its international network in 1964 with the establishment of its first foreign subsidiary in France. These days, over 60 percent of the materials manufactured in Uelersen, near Hamburg, Germany, are sold by foreign partners. Products made by the family business can now be purchased on all continents.

Fairness as a success factor

"Our flourishing business is a joint effort, to which many people have contributed their energy and ideas," says Klaus-Wilhelm Voss. thanking employees and family members in the speech he gave at the anniversary celebrations. "Fair policies for employees and business partners are a key success factor for VOSSCHEMIE." emphasized his eldest son Dieter, who is a managing director, as is his brother Klaus.

Dr. Raul Pires. head of the car refinish segment of Industrial Coatings Marketing at BMS, praised the social commitment of VOSSCHEMIE. He recalled a support program for unemployed young people sponsored by Bayer in 2002 called "A Ship for Leverkusen". By building a sailboat. 22 young people in the program were taught manual skills in preparation for a job. VOSSCHEMIE donated (he universal filler required for the successful project.

VOSSCHEMIE believes its know-how promotes healthy and steady growth. "Business with repair filler will continue to thrive as long as the number of cars on the road keeps increasing," says Dieter Voss. And BMS will continue to support VOSSCHEMIE in the further expansion of its business. Raul Pires emphasizes: "We all hope this success story continues for many decades to come."

Hard work, big celebration

The anniversary celebrations in the white party tent outside the company gates was the kick-off event for customers, suppliers, bank representatives, government agencies and political representatives. The program continued into the evening with a May Day dance for employees from all company locations. "We have a reputation for throwing good parties! But we deserve to have some fun after all the hard work!" says Klaus Voss.


Klaus-Wiihelm Voss established (he business on May 1.1955. Today, the company and its four divisions market a wide range of products. Under the brand name "CARSYSTEM", the Automotive Products division sells supplies commonly used in automotive painting. Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics are used, for example, in rail cars and car body parts. The Industrial Plastics division markets unsaturated polyester resins and polyurethanes to industrial processors of moldings and coatings. The Retail division markets products for specialty paint stores, boat suppliers 3nd OIY stores.